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Sonow is an exciting new solar energy platform; a one-stop shop for solar energy installations in Europe.

Our mission

To democratise energy production by making it simpler for customers to start generating their own power and saving money.

What we do

Regardless of the type or size of a facility, be it a commercial office complex, an institutional, industrial facility, or simply a small house, Sonow will connect its customer with the right consultant, provide free initial consultation, drive a transparent bidding process and finally provide its end users with top offers that not only guarantee best prices but also top quality service.

Solar Squad


 Tom Buchan – Co-Founder – Works with our dream team of solar consultants to ensure our customers get the best advice and service. Tom has headed up operations and business development for high growth start-ups & online retail business.


Omar Badran – Co-Founder – Manages Sonow’s partnerships, ensuring we continue to have only the best installers and suppliers on our platform. Omar is an experienced Project Manager in both building and solar farm developments.


Katie Gaudin – Co-Founder – Works tirelessly to spread Sonow’s warm rays, educating customers about the benefits of switching to solar energy. Katie was previously a manager for Amazon and high growth marketplace start-ups: Thumbtack and Delete.Iy.

Lizena Nanoo (CFO)

Lizena Nanoo – Co-Founder – Probably the most important person on our team, our finance guru. Lizena was previously a private banker & product manager for Citibank.

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